A Pearl of Wisdom

June 13, 2017

The World is Your Oyster, and with the MPIOC June 2017 Awards & Installation Gala, the team at Elite Productions International took that mantra to heart — literally! 

MPIOC, otherwise known as Meeting Planners International, Chapter Orange County, is an industry organization consisting of adult professionals in the event field. Their mission is to provide innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities, and business and act as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the meetings and events industry. 

Pawntra Shadab, Elite Productions International’s Vice President of Events & Marketing, serves on the board as Director of Member Recognition & Community Involvement. Her expertise from years in the event industry provides an enlightening voice to the organization. For this event in particular, Pawntra served as co-chair, overseeing all aspects of the event.

Pawntra Shadab, second from left, with fellow MPIOC members. Photography: T Taylor Photography


As a part of Elite Productions International’s contribution to the organization, the team sponsored decor elements of the event’s Pre-Reception. A strategic approach was taken to choosing linens and floral arrangements -—keeping in mind the theme and the existing venue. Multiple site visits were taken to the venue, the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, CA, to get a true feel for the the space.

The hotel’s patterned carpet was inspiration for the linen choice -—pops of a royal blue were complemented by a midnight blue sequin for cocktail tables.


An overhead shot of floral centerpiece arrangements – note pearl detailing. Photography: Austin Repasy

In keeping with the theme, floral arrangements were designed to subtly hint at the “pearl” theme, presenting a simple, yet chic design. A constant challenge in designing events is to make sure to know where to show restraint—sometimes it can be all too easy to go over the top with design. Simple is often better. Wisps of pearl accents embellished arrangements of lush, white peonies and roses. A geometric, champagne-hued vase was used as the base—with almost a reflective sheen—giving it a pearly color.

Column arrangements – florals large in volume for strong impact.  Photography: Austin Repasy


As guests entered the ballroom for the main event, larger arrangements flanked both sides of the entrance doors – sitting atop acrylic columns. Hydrangeas provided a voluminous and effective statement piece. Once again, sprays of pearls were interlaced in the florals for an extra embellishment. Pearls, submerged in to water, added an extra layer of detail. 


Peonies and Rose Arrangements were the “Pearl” atop midnight blue sequin linens. Photography: Austin Repasy


Pawntra on-stage at the MPIOC June 2017 Awards & Installation Gala

Overall the evening proved to be a success – with Pawntra’s efforts in planning the event proving to be fruitful and Elite Productions International’s design effectively providing decor. Pawntra is planning on staying on the board in the new term – joining the many committed talented members that work tirelessly to offer a prosperous place where event industry professionals can grow from each other. 

The MPIOC Board Members Receiving Awards of Recognition. Photography: T Taylor Photography

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