China meets Newport at the Pelican Hill Resort

May 11, 2011

 We had the pleasure of designing and producing this incredible Chinese Dining Experience at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach. Our focus was on authenticity and amazing detail, which we must say, went pretty well!

We brought in a Chinese Dance company who performed throughout the evening. This dance is called ‘Strings Caligraphy’ – definitely an event highlight.
Another amazing aspect was the authentic ten course meal, created by an incredible Chinese chef.

To further the festivities, guests were served this traditional Chinese liquor called, MouTai brought in from China.

This mysterious and sensual solo performance is entitled, ‘The Mist Beneath’ 

Masked and bejeweled dancers perform the ‘Shifting’ dance
In celebration of the year of the Rabbit, we just couldn’t resist inviting a couple playboy bunnies!

Hope you enjoyed! Xx, EPI

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