DIY Manzanita Branches Sea {inspired} scape

April 15, 2011

Manzanita Branches are definitely a must-have for any season of the year but they are especially fun to use in the Summer-time. Whether you’re going for a great accent in your entry way or perhaps looking for a fun centerpiece idea for your table, This Manzanita Scape designed by our own, Lili Shadab, always does wonders. And lucky for you, we are giving you all the tips on making Lili’s gorgeous spread at home!
Here is the breakdown of everything you’ll need!

– Sea shells (optional)
– 2-3 Manzanita branches
– 2 cans of spray paint (1 white, 1 coral) 
– 3 clear glass vases, 
– 2-3 floating candles
– 1 large bucket of water
– Blue food coloring
– 3-5 stems of orchids 
– Blue stones (optional)

And you’re ready to go!

Firstly, spray paint your Manzanita branches all over then set to dry. Now take your food coloring and add it to your bucket of water until satisfied with the blue coloring- it can be as light or as dark as you like!

Next add about an inch worth of the rocks to each vase and then pour water in to each vase at varying levels. Once your Manzanita branches are dry, go ahead and place them as you like on both the table and at an angle in one of the vases.

Then you simply place the orchids on the branches and angled on the vases- pull a few blooms off the stem and place them individually on the branches and/or in the blue water.

Now all that’s left is laying a few shells out and placing those floating candles in their vases- don’t forget to light them when the party starts!


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