Fabulous High Tech Designer Gifts for Home

December 13, 2010

Custom aquarium.
For those who follow Ayn Rand’s philosophy from “The Fountainhead,” this hand-crafted luxury aquarium designed and produced in the Netherlands, creates a very unique and contemporary look. The aquarium includes a built-in filter and contains approximately 10 gallons of water.

Magimix’s new Vision Toaster: What you see is what you get.
Transparency is a valuable trait even in design. Magimix’s new Vision Toaster now brings the sexy and see-through feel to the kitchen with its revolutionary design. The French toaster has made the process itself as delicious as it would taste by replacing the traditional metal components for a glass silhouette. The toaster uses revolutionary long-lasting quartz heating elements for even heat distribution for a perfect toast. The toaster can handle various sizes of bread, from the very thick to the very long.

Designer Radiators by Andrea Ramponi and Karim Rashid.
The unusual radiator designs by Andrea Ramponi and Karim Rashid will add zing and warmth to any decor. The funky radiators come in varied shapes and sizes including a dice design, available in a black-and-white floor model that can be stacked vertically or aligned horizontally, the Kb8 radiator features a wall-mounted interlocking dice design, and the stackable pebble-shaped Rock and Roll radiator by Karim Rashid.

Dyson Air Multiplier Fans
Though Christmas is definitely not the time to shop for a fan, Dyson’s bladeless Air Multiplier Fans are a fine addition to a modern décor. The company’s latest AM02 and AM03 pedestal fans use “Air Multiplier” technology for a chilling experience and come with remote controls, too.

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