Feeling Inspired

January 18, 2012

What is inspirational to you?  What gets your creative energy going and moves you to action? Right now, we are feeling very inspired by

Nikolay Bojilov

who won 2010 Triumph Inspiration Award for his work…

Inspiration can come from anywhere and you can take it in any direction.  For example, a lot of this work is very linear so you could incorporate stripes or lines into your decor with linens or lighting or the way you arrange furniture or structural elements.  You could take the color combinations such as the beige with orange and celery green and use that as an inspiration for event decor or lighting.  The possibilities are endless-inspiration is just that, INSPIRING! You don’t need to feel tied down to any one aspect or idea, let it take you places and create something new.  Hope this in some way inspires you as well!

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