Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Father’s Day!

June 2, 2014

Whether you call him Dad, Daddy, Father, Pops or Papa, we know how challenging it can be to find a gift that fits his personality just right.  Use our gift guide to show you that perfect gift or inspire you in the right direction.  Show him how special he is to you!
 Father’s Day is June 15th

 Accessories for the chic and always on trend Dad

Silk Knots

Flower and silk knot lapel pins are a great gift.  For a pop of color and a hint of personal style, these little beauties come in many different shapes, sizes and a plethora of colors.

Great Hats
Be it porkpie, panama, boater or bowler – help Dad ditch the ever-boring baseball cap!  Materials and patterns vary and choosing just one may be the hardest part.

Custom Bow Ties

Socks From Saks

Socks That Rock!

The traditional Father’s day gift get a twist and a kick!  Not just any ordinary neck and footwear – punch up Dad’s fashion aptitude  with a pair of fun socks and this year, make it a bow tie.  Teach him how to tie it, and you’ll impress him with your good taste and fashion acumen!

Rugged Leather

Custom Money Clip

Peace Bomb Key Ring
Everyone loves a little bling – even Dad!  Customize your message to remind him how special he really is.  Or honor a cause that is special to him.

For the sports player or Spectator, you can hardly go wrong with an athletic themed gift.  Choose one with his favorite team or sport.



Golf Bag
Delight Dad with some sweet treats, like berries decorated with his favorite sport or cool cufflinks that represent his hobby.   Has he always wanted to paddle board, scuba dive or surf?  Lessons are a great way to get him started.  If he is more inclined to be reclined, pillows and décor for his man cave would fit nicely.  And who could resist greeting each morning with team logo toast?  For the Dad who has everything  – a $42,000 golf bag.  Better hurry, there’s only 1 left!

Gifts for tech savvy fathers can be the toughest to find – because he most likely has the latest and greatest toy already.  Fear not! – we have a few ideas that he may not have heard of yet.

 Photo Ball

What a ball! – the Panoramic Camera Ball works when you throw it up in the air, and when it reaches its peak, it takes pictures with 36 cameras.  Dad will be thrilled with a GPS wave watch.  It finds waves, tracks his surf, registers the top speed and distance and racks up his wave count in each session.  If he needs a little help with his golf swing – a 3D swing analyzer that attaches to his golf club will display an interactive 3D visual of along with key data.  Real-time feedback in the palm of his hands allows for immediate correction.

Good luck finding a gift, we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for – however, we have discovered that the best gift to give someone special is any gift that is given with love.  If you would like a little more help, contact us and we’ll help you create a memorable Father’s Day!

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