Glad to be a Grad in 2014!

June 12, 2014

June is one of the most exciting times in any Graduates’ life.  For the High School Grad it’s the beginning of adulthood and college, for the college grad, it’s job hunting and career building.
In any case, a celebration is in order and if you are looking for a few ideas to celebrate your Graduate in 2014, we at Elite Productions International have 3 words – Food, Photos and FUN!  If your event has those 3 components, your party is sure to be a success!


 Find the Grad’s favorite foods– at our party, we featured a treat table with sweet and sour candy and Krispy Kreme.  Our servers passed snacks on trays too.  And no one can pass up pizza, Pinkberry and the quintessential So. Cal. staple – In-N-Out Burger!  Find out what is the local or regional food of the area where the grad will be attending college and add it to the menu – Delish!


Pick a venue that will create great memories, use furniture, college themed pillows and glowing accents to enhance the area.  Have fun and flashy props easy to access for the photo booth and candid pix.  Costumed mascots, cheerleaders and dancers bring amped energy and excitement and get the party vibe going!  And above all – take a ton of pictures!


Dance baby dance!  DJ’s set the tone for the event.  Make sure you have one that is high-energy, on trend musically and willing and able to take requests.  Lights, lasers and Co2 props bring a club ambiance to any venue. 

To the class of 2014 – we toast your accomplishments thus far and wish you the best.  Cheers to your future success!

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