Glam Rock Inspires Bold Statements and Glitter Galore

April 6, 2015

Here is where it all started – with a design board to illustrate our vision!
Hair band rockers and glam rock legends, Poison set the vibe for the ultimate glam rock party!

Super rockers and world famous 80’s glam metal band, Poison performed a concert, treating our guests to their classic and legendary hits.

A pop–up glam tent accented with metallic silver furniture, mirrors and sheer black drape set the mood for this station.  Celebrity makeup artists’ created dramatic looks for guests with glitter and sparkles while glammed out models applied custom tattoos to guests.
Mirrors and silver tufted metallic furniture filled the tent using pops of purple and red as highlights

Billowy, sheer black draping added a touch of allure and retro 80’s sexiness

Glamming it up!

Curvilinear purple velvet seating featured mirrored tables.
Animal print benches added a fabulous flair.  Rich red roses in mirrored containers and  mercury votives with candles shimmered throughout.

Sparkle and metallic touches added shine and glow and the floral design was highlighted with deep red roses and purple velvet hues that added a dash of extravagance.

The showstopper was the main bar featured, a duo of over-the-top red rose floral spheres displayed on a silver metallic stand.  Glammed out dancers in rhinestone studded bustiers and corsets, sexy thigh-high metallic boots flanked each side of the bar and the giant 9’x16′ led wall – featuring the best Glam rock videos.

The clear and open tent entrance allowed for the concert to be seen outside, giving a great view of the show even if guests were not at the stage

Chandeliers and black draping were features in the outdoor bar

An event needs inspiration, be it a movie, a color or music genre – choose what you like and have a party!   Call us and we’ll inspire your next unforgettable occasion.

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