Halloween Decor Ideas!

October 12, 2011

Hello all! With Halloween coming quickly upon us, we put together a photo shoot to give you some fun ideas for your upcoming parties and decoration ideas. This Halloween, try a sophisticated and softly gothic look by using a black and purple color palette rather than orange and black with touches of ghostly white along with lots of silver embellishments. This is the time to pull out those cheap candles that drip all over the place for some extra effect! The more candles the better, as the sun goes down the candlelight will create a wonderfully eerie ambience.

For flowers, stick to dark purples and find whatever is in season. We moved between silvers and blacks for our containers and got this fabulous purple glassware from a local thrift store. Dig through your own stash of vases and glasses, mixing and matching your own items is a great starting point. If you feel like you need a few more pieces, head to a thrift store or two; you can always find pewter pieces, vintage goblets, candlesticks and other treasures. One element that really made this look was the use of houndstooth fabric for linen – so fabulous and unexpected!

When doing a Halloween event, there are a few essentials – candy being the most important one! We kept to our color scheme by having ghostly white candies and black licorice mixed in with black candles. Make cute paper cones for guests to scoop up candy with by simply cutting and stapling black paper into cones. For an extra pop, add glitter to the rims of the cones by simply rolling the cones first in clear glue and then in the glitter of your choice.

When it comes to drinks, there are so many creative ways to play on your theme; create a drink station with an ice chest of spooky beverages (BevMo is perfect for finding themey drinks). For your final touch, add dry ice to all your chests! For cocktails, go for something like this grape cosmos with black licorice embellishments. To add fuel to the sugar-high flames, give kids soda with black licorice for straws! We had so much fun creating these clever cards for labeling the stations.  We even have them available for you to download and use at your own Halloween parties! Click here to get them.

For your final touches, skeletons, crows, jack o’ lanterns and any other themed do dads are fun to incorporate, just be sure to not overdo it. Layering is always great for adding that extra something to a party but don’t stray too far from your color scheme. If things start to feel cheesy, you might have gone overboard on the orange!

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