Illuminating Ideas: Event Trends in Lighting, Laser, and GOBOs

May 10, 2016

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May 06, 2016
By: Lili Shadab
The perfect lighting can take an event to the next level and set the mood and tone for the occasion. It can also enhance décor and create visual drama. Here at EPI, we consider lighting an integral part of our event design and we make lighting a priority in enriching an event experience. Allow the event theme to inspire you and allow the lighting to enhance and support your design direction.
Consider the theme of the event – a strong theme can direct the lighting focus and create an overall feel for the event. Lighting design has become very advanced and effective. This design medium can help complete the overall feel of the event.
For example, for a Moulin Rouge Theme it dictated red lighting, including backlighting on scrims which perfectly translated the sexy and dramatic feel the client wanted to achieve for the event.

The types of lighting instruments or fixtures used are key elements in achieving the optimum end result.
For an outdoor event, use of multiple string lights with large old fashion bulbs brought a nostalgic feeling, setting the mood. Here string lights were used in conjunction with ambient lighting to ensure a statement of the theme through color and design.
Use of this vintage Edison Bulb Chandelier brings a rustic chic vibe to the Dive Bar space.

Lighting “GOBO”s can also provide a very effective role in the overall design concept.
You can use one GOBO pattern that speaks to the theme and repeat throughout the event space, allowing the pattern to be the key element of translation for the theme.
Covering the entire tent in an animal print design reflected through lighting portrays “The Pussycat Lounge”, capturing attention while producing visual excitement.
Exciting lighting can also create movement and inspire activity and action.
Get your guests dancing and moving! Improve any concert or performance experience with lighting that thrills!

Generating a flawless atmosphere requires much consideration; lighting can help achieve your
goal, creating a more powerful impact.
Lili Shadab is the CEO and Creative Director of Elite Productions International a full service event design, planning and management company.

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