Mid-Century Modern Lounge

January 16, 2017

As the saying goes, “home is wherever I lay my hat” – and in the case of the modern businessman’s case, that would be the countless hotel rooms frequented for conferences and networking events. The uniform and neutral landscape that often comprises hotel interiors may not leave a notable impression on guests. When orchestrating a corporate conference with executives coming from all reaches from the globe, a profound impression is the desired effect to leave on event attendees.

The team at Elite Productions International was called upon for the task of creating a welcoming, yet stimulating atmosphere in the foyer of a hotel ballroom. The space was available for corporate businessmen – who would be spending a majority of their time between conference events networking, conducting business, and even using it for leisure. 

Through use of furniture, décor, lighting, and floral elements, Elite Productions International successfully transformed the foyer. Using “Mid-Century Modern” as an inspiration point, the team coordinated these different elements to create a cohesive design aesthetic. A color palette of royal blue, vibrant yellow, stark white, soothing grey and accents of metallic gold comprised the overall look – effectively combined with the hotel’s existing coloring.

Furniture – from grandiose, plush chesterfield sofas to luxurious, metallic lounge chairs and even acrylic, clear chairs – offered guests comfortable, yet visually appealing and sleek seating options. Décor accessories acted as points of interest in the space- geometric spheres, retro vases, and statuettes. Lighting wise, warm patterns were projected against walls and flooring, cast in a yellow hue for an inviting tone. Whimsical and delicate florals were purposefully chosen to soften the foyer atmosphere and provide contrast to sleeker modern elements.

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Photography: Justice Photography

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