Put Your Face On

October 5, 2011

Now, we know that all of you are gearing up for Halloween and figuring out all your costumes whether they be ghoulish or cutesy. To get into the spirit we’ve been looking at some fabulous masks to get inspired for our costume ideas…

The top row are some beautiful and unconventional masks by Joji Kojima.  With these masks, you can have it all – look fabulous and keep that eerie feel that Halloween is all about!

The next set of 3 amazing leather cut out masks are made by Tom Banwell and are avialable for purchase on Etsy. There are plenty more masks to choose from as well, ranging from mystical to dramatic.  We’re sure you’ll find one you love if you’re interested in purchasing one. How could you not love how he’s created such delicate looking patterns out of something as ruggad as leather? Fabulous!

The bottom row is comprised of masks from a spread for Vestal Magazine called ‘Fatal Beauty’ featuring masks created by Fumi.  Those bedazzled beauties are just stunning, aren’t they?! They’re all pretty unorthodox but Halloween is not about the norm is it? No way! So get inspired and get creative and make (or purchase) some amazing masks to go with those fabulous costumes we know you’re putting together 🙂

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