Summertime Garden Party

June 28, 2011

With summer upon us, it’s about time for backyard BBQs and parties, wouldn’t you agree? So, to help you kick off the summer right, we put together this photo shoot with the help of friend and photographer Aaron Shintaku to give you some ideas for your summer soirees!

Pick a color and run with it! We grabbed all our green glassware, plates, vases, etc and brought it all together for this garden party.  We also noticed we had a lot of bird accessories and accents so we pulled those down as well.  If you have a color and a theme you can bring in a lot of variety while still maintaining a sense of cohesion.  Don’t shy away from different shades and textures of your color, and different accessories with the same theme (birds for us!) it can help incorporate accent colors and add variety to your color choice.

We borrowed a friend’s vintage flatware to compliment our color palette. Ask around, we bet your friends have great stuff that you might be able to use for the occasion.

We kept all our floral decor white to help keep our party light and airy and offset our green serve-ware.  You can throw in an unexpected element (like our artichoke arrangement) to keep things interesting! We incorporated artichokes into our look further by printing them on our place tags as well.

More birds for our tasty frozen treats and a bucket filled with bottles of limeade! 

To make these frozen treats, just use the skins of the citric fruit of your choice (in our case, oranges and lemons) and fill them up with yummy sorbet! Perfect for an afternoon in the sun with friends.  

Spruce up your water with fresh fruit both for visual effect and flavor.  A plate of fresh veggies and a delicious dip are all you need to top off this casual but festive garden party!

We hope you’re inspired to use your own gear – and your friends’ – to bring together a fabulous look for your summer get-together! It’s as easy as pie…or popsicles 🙂

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