Visions of Pastel

July 24, 2017

With every season that comes, the team at Elite Productions International takes it upon themselves to creatively challenge themselves with a distinctive, while aesthetically pleasing design concept for their showroom. This summer was no different – with a varied display of elements and an energetic color palette making quiet the statement.
While most summer design tropes revolve around patriotic displays of “red, white, and blue” or more whimsical imagery like “pineapples” or “flamingos”, Elite decided on a different approach. Pastels, according to CEO and Creative Director Lili Shadab, were the main inspiration behind the look: “Spring and Summer are a wonderful reminder of all things soft and pretty! The abundance of pink blossoms in spring and the aqua blue tones of ocean water in the summer are what inspired this season’s direction. This palette makes me think of the fabulous designs of the Hotel Bel-Air in the 1970’s – everyone was drenched in avocado and burnt orange attire, but the upscale interior was designed in soft pinks, yellows, and aqua”.
A tablescape array of pastel merchandise, vases, and accessories.
With a more matte background palette of whites, ivories, and natural finishes like burlap and wood furnishings, the showroom provided the perfect setting for highlights of pastel. From vases, linen, flatware, dishes, linens, to pillows, a carefully curated selection of elements were brought in to accentuate the theme.
The “Bridal”-centric table, with silver and gold accents.
For a contrast to the muted palette, metallics gold and silver were brought in specific vignettes. An oversized statement table with a mirrored top was chosen to be a “Bridal”-centric display, accessorized with silver seating ottomans and a canvas artwork piece with metallic gold highlights. A tiara is promptly is a focal point, underneath a glass cloche for a feminine touch.
Silver baskets and ottoman.
Displayed rhinestone encrusted masquerade mask.

All items displayed in the showroom are for purchase, many of which are in limited inventory, offering guests a unique selection of hand selected decor and merchandise. From unique vases on this season’s palette to bridal accessories to premium paper goods, the showroom offers a wide variety of items for sale.



Collaborating with two local Southern California vendors, the team at Elite utilized their unique inventories to complement the showroom design.

For three pieces, the team at Lounge Appeal were chosen based off their wide selection of quality crafted furniture. A French Victorian sofa upholstered in a natural beige fiber is accented by an antique, mercury finished coffee table – giving a little bit of sheen to the seating vignette.

Victorian Inspired Sofa with Antique Coffee Table

Another piece from furniture vendor, Lounge Appeal, was this statement seating chair with high back. This “Garden Throne” allowed the perfect vignette for a muted aqua fur pillow – continuing the pastel theming. The chair is upholstered in a natural linen.

Entrance Vignette, which guests can use as a photo opportunity.
Acting as an entrance piece, this installation of tree branches created a whimsical element to the showroom. Adorned with a multitude of white butterflies, the thicket of branches welcomes guests in to the showroom. Beneath the branches are a pair of two silver tables lined with handmade candles with carnation detail. Lili emphasizes the impact that repetition can have on overall design, “it is a simple way of making a big impact with one or two ideas or elements. Whether it be a color or an item, somehow it brings cohesiveness to the design when used in repetition”.
Pillar candles embellished with carnations, carnations being a repeated element throughout the showroom.
Butterfly detail – all white with glitter embellishment.
Another vignette utilizing the carnation candles, but with a unique fabric backing with floral detail.
An overabundance of peony arrangements created a rather grande tablescape – bursting with lushness in it’s size and beauty. This dining table vignette served as a mock set-up for clients visiting the showroom to see a potential social or bridal event visualized. Linen provided by Luxe Linen, served as a lavish base for the table – a satin muted pink with a floral Hibiscus print. Further table detail was chosen to accentuate this feminine look: gold flatware, Morrocan glassware, chargers with gold butterfly print, pink satin napkins with unique geometric napkin holders, and cream floral containers.

Tablescape detail showing the variety of three different glassware – each unique in its own right by complementing each other as a set. Custom menus were made to exemplify a “summer soiree” menu.
Elevated a standard clear acrylic chair, the design team embellished the chair back with a butterfly in blush and glitter, as well as adorning golden tassles to dangle from the back of the chair.


Delicate small arrangements in pink and white.


Peonies in a variety of breeds and coloring.
Given Elite Productions International’s in-house floral capabilities, it was important to make sure that florals were prominently displayed throughout the space. Peonies were the main floral on display: their peak season of blooming coinciding with the summer showroom’s debut. Grouping different varieties in vases and urns was purposeful – creating an almost “florist shop” atmosphere. The beauty of the peonies created a statement in themselves.
Peonies, not yet blooming, but lush in their layered petals.
Contemporary wildflower design for this centerpiece arrangement.
A contemporary floral arrangement displayed on mantle shelving, utilizing peonies and a variety of other florals in a contemporary design.

Perhaps the crowning element of the showroom was in its handcrafted chandelier installation hanging above the center merchandise table. Layers of hanging carnation blooms with lace fabric detail dropped from the ceiling, interlaced with strands of crystal. Monochromatic in coloring, the chandelier definitely acts a “statement” piece of the showroom. Rays of sunlight hit the chandelier throughout the day – the crystal catching the light and reflecting a twinkling effect inside the space.
The team at Elite Productions International welcomes you to our showroom this season – where our pastel vision comes to life in a display of curated and handcrafted elements.
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